Urbtech India Developers Pvt Ltd

About the Company

Urbtech India Developers Pvt.  Ltd. is a very new real estate company. The company has presence and projects in Noida. The promoters of the company are not from the construction/ real estate business but from  steel and agro business. The name of company is derived from Latin word “Urbs” which means city (This company is so new I don’t know what else to write?). The company has 3 projects currently underway at different stages of execution. Two projects are commercial projects and one is a residential project. The corporate office of the company is located at,

Plot No. 263,
Ph No.: 91-129-4189700

The address of the Noida office is

Plot No. B-4,
Noida, (U.P)
Ph. No.: 91-120-3291948

Ongoing Projects

Urbtech has 3 ongoing projects. While Urbtech Intellect Park and Urbtech NPX are commercial projects, Urbtech Xavier’s 168 is a residential project. The company has not delivered any project till date. All 3 projects are at different stages of execution.

Local Presence

Urbtech is a local company with presence and project only in Noida. The company is new to the business of real estate and property development. It is competing with big players like Omaxe, Jaypee Greens, Unitech, Supertech, Amrapali, The 3C Company etc in the Noida property market.

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32 Responses to Urbtech India Developers Pvt Ltd

  1. pushkar says:

    I have also bought a flat in this. carpet area is less than super area this means that the common area are more. is this thought correct

    • carpetarea says:

      pushkar carpetarea will be less than the area quoted by builder always. Builders always quote super area. The rule is

      super area > build-up area > carpet area

      I have seen in some cases carpet area is 55% of area claimed by builder. Yes super area includes common area so ur thought is correct.

    • namitas2014 says:

      Kind Attention : NPX Aggrieved Buyers,

      Criminal complaint already done by association. If any body want to join in case please contact Mr. Vikas Mehra at npxwelasso@.com


      • carpetarea says:

        Urbtech property in dispute.

  2. Sunil Gupta says:

    Hi, I booked a flat in M/sUrbtech’s Xaviers by the advice of my broker. Till date I have not received any of the paper as requested by me. 1. Copy of licence/lease agreement. 2. Approved drawings. 3. Permission to construct. The payment is now being demanded in the name of M/s Opulent Infradevelopers without any explanation, when initially I made payments in the name of M/s Urbtech. Also I sent a email with five remainders to reply to my quires, but all in vain. If anyone has any information, pl reply.

    • carpetarea says:

      Dear Gupta Ji,
      if u had read my blog u would have never purchased flat in urbtech xaviers. From ur experience i can say that urbtech xaviers (urbtech developers) is a loose builder. i will suggest that u go to their office and blast them.
      good luck to u

      • amit says:

        This Developer is chor, he is not honest with clients & not with suppliers. he is illiterate person & know only about rust

        • carpetarea says:

          That you for your inputs…

  3. ravi says:

    Hi Carpet Area,
    Good initiative… I also found something similar with detailed reports on each property http://www dot indianpropertyreview dot com/ Hope you would find it useful and try to give similar reports in future so that the real estate arena becomes more professional for all of us.


  4. ravi says:

    Hi Carpet Area,
    Good initiative… I also found something similar with detailed reports on each property http://www dot indianpropertyreview dot com/ Hope you would find it useful and try to give similar reports in future so that the real estate arena becomes more professional for all of us.

  5. meenu says:

    I have read all inputs given by you. And being a management student I also surveyed few developers companies and Urbtech is one of them. As you have told I also found that on internet this company is doing very poorly. And I think your this step can make them to understand the importance of internet marketing.

    Can you plz elaborate the carpet area of The 3C company’s zing and Paras season. It will help me in my project. I don’t know how to calculate these carpet area and FAR. Can you plz calculate the FAR of Season and Zing. Plz

    • carpetarea says:

      go through my posts. i have calculated carpet area of lotus zing in one of my posts. calculation of far is also given in my blog. regards

  6. Somesh says:

    Hi..i don’t know what are you trying to say here but i have booked my one unit in the commercial project of ‘Urbtech India’ named ‘NPX’..i am extremely satisfied with the services offered by the sales team of urbtech & one more importent thing is that costruction is going in full swing which is above from my expectation.Thanks Urbtech India

    • carpetarea says:

      i m trying 2 say information on urbtech is not available on internet properly. so average buyer has 2 depend on dealer etc. the company should give all information in timely manner on website. for eg the management page on urbtech website is still vacant with coming soon written. if any company today is not quick on internet he will loose. b it hero honda or b it urbtech. also all my analysis in the blog is unbiased. if u think i have missed something pls share and the blog entry will be modified.
      its gud u shared ur views abt the co and ur good experience. so wneh ppl come 2 this blog they will read ur comment and get good impression abt the builder.

      • amit says:

        They don’t have proper website & which they have, there is no one to manage it because they never pay anyone even website management companies if you are not believing me then checkout in google search as urbtech.in. My uncle has invested in there NPX but they making him fool & final they have sold that bloody unit.

        • carpetarea says:

          yes they do not have a proper website. plus the quality of construction of aditya mega city is also very bad. thanks for ur inputs

  7. Hi,
    Thank you for profiling us. We will like to do some small corrections here:

    1. Urbtech has already delivered 2 commercial projects
    a. Intellect park in sector 125 was delivered to “angelique international”.
    b. Matrix tower is already ready. Our own coprorate office with more than 30 people team is already sitting there.

    2. Our third project is underway and you must have seen construction in full swing.

    Please update the article.

    Thank you

    • carpetarea says:

      Thank u for ur inputs. Pls send a writeup which I will update. Would u like me to compare Urbtech Xavier’s with projects in 5 km radius?

      • Hi,
        Thank you for showing interest in us and in our projects. To start with I will request you to have a look at revised profile & about us in our new project website www dot urbtechxaviers dot com. Please update your article accordingly. As our customers are calling us and asking us to clarify on your articles.

        In case you need more information, we will be more than happy to provide.

        • carpetarea says:

          article will be updated. tnx for the share. btw u have still not answered my question abt carpet area of urbtech xavier’s? what is the secret u r hiding? u know writing is tiring hard work

          • Hi,
            Calculation done by you is going thru a verification process in our operations team and we will surely get back to all the readers of this blog. We have hired a new digital agency for ourselves and they are slowly putting lot of things in order. First thing in their agenda is to put complete and transparent information.

            Thank you for all the hard work you are putting in it.


            • carpetarea says:

              ur ‘digital agency is fool. they are posting comment here as buyers or urbtech. they pose as 2 buyers who purchased property in urbtech. and posted comment from same ip address. i am thinking what will reader of my blog say of i post it on the blog abt urbtech xavier. time 2 change ur property.

        • amit says:

          It is sorry to say but there is no proper management in this organization, one of the important management person told me even they themselves booked their own flats in 3C not in xaviers.

          • carpetarea says:

            Has the construction started. Yes you are right amit. smaller builders have very poor management. one example is aditya builders. they built aditya mega city in ghaziabad. the buildings are of very poor quality.
            I am surprised to know that the management of urbtech actually said this to you.

    • carpetarea says:

      hi urbtech sales, as u r here on this blog, pls tell us the carpet area of urbtech xavier’s flats. i did analysis of carpet area of urbtech xavier’s https://carpetarea.wordpress.com/2010/11/23/urbtech-xaviers-168-review/
      i used floor plan for ref.
      as u r urbtech company rep can u tell me what is carpet area please give area of balcony seperately
      tnx in advance

    • carpetarea says:

      reply 2 ur comment
      a. Intellect park in sector 125 was delivered to “angelique international”.
      no such address mentioned on http://www.angelique-india.com/main.html
      btw wats the square foot size of intellect park project?

      • We noticed this as well. How can we tell our customers to update their website? On the lighter note we will ask our digital agency to contact Angelique :-)

        To take things forward i request you to do a little search on Google “angelique international sector 125 Noida”. You will see Angelique International hiring heavily for this location in Sector 125. Though i was not working that time but our head operations told me that we started construction of Intellect tower, Sec-125, Noida in the month of Oct-2006 by taking a projected timeline of 2.5 years. We successfully handed over the project in the mid of year 2008 which means within 1.5 years approx. 1 year before the projected completion time.

        We will like to invite you to our corporate office at sector 132, so that we can show you that our another project Matrix is also complete.

        • carpetarea says:

          hi urbtech sales. u have not answered my questions. good thing u completed project in short time period. how bid is this project? i will be happy 2 come 2 ur corp office. but petrol is so expensive u know.

          • Urbtech Sales says:

            I was waiting for our website to get updated with this information. Please have a look at

            Our corporate website is going thru complete revamp. We will present ourselves in full totality.

            • carpetarea says:

              which banks r giving loan for urbtech xaviers? has the construction started? waiting for more inputs on urbtech xaviers from u

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