FSI – Floor Space Index

FSI (Floor Space Index) is also known as Floor Area Ratio. In simple terms FSI for a project can be obtained by dividing the total carpet area of all flats in the project divided by the land area of the project. Consider an example.

FSI Calculation Example

Builder X is constructing a project with 100 flats of 800 sq ft, 200 flats of 1200 sq ft and 400 flats of 1400 sq ft carpet area. The size of the plot is 5 acres. Then the FSI is calculated as under.

Total area of flats in Square Feet = 100×800+200×1200+400×1400 = 8,80,000 Sq Ft

Area of the project is 5 Acres 1 Acre = 43,560 sq foot Therefore 5 acres = 2,17,800 Sq Ft

The FSI for this project will be FSI= (8,80,000/2,17,800) = 4.04

All development including clubs, gymnasium etc is included in the calculation

FSI for Noida

FSI was increased in Noida recently. On September 6, 2010 the authority decided to increase FSI from 2.5 to 3. Green buildings can now have a FSI of 3.75 up from 2.75. In Noida, Greater Noida and YEIDA plinth area is used instead of carpet area for calculating FSI


30 Responses to FSI – Floor Space Index


    Hi want to know if the FSI is 0.85 and the plot area is 4000 sq ft and there is a road of 3 mts in front so how many floors can be build and how many no of flats will be there on on floor.

    • carpetarea says:

      Varies from city to city. Please check with your local authority

  2. Akshay says:

    nice information. .

    • carpetarea says:


  3. sayesh says:

    can anybody help me with informing the FSI consumed by jaypee greens greater noida..i am a student of architecture so..wanted to gather information regarding the same
    thank you.

  4. Ajinkya says:

    which areas are excluded from fsi?

    • carpetarea says:

      Will have to check out

  5. vinoth says:

    What is the difference between carpet area and plinth area?

    • carpetarea says:

      Carpet area is the actual liveable area. It is the area of floor inside the house. Plinth area is the area of the plinth.
      Carpet Area + Area of Walls is approximately equal to Plinth Area.

      • Malhar Shelat says:

        Does Plinth Area and Built-up Area the same?

        • carpetarea says:

          Different states have different rules. Some states it is the same and other plinth area is more than built up area.

  6. mohan kumar says:

    superb explanation

    • carpetarea says:

      thanx mohan kumar jee

  7. thnX for Nice Information

    • carpetarea says:

      thanx 4 ur comment

  8. viral says:

    which place in india give highest f.s.i

    • carpetarea says:

      I don’t know. But my guess is Mumbai!

  9. Praveen says:

    In the definition it states that carpet area is taken for FSI calculation. Later it is mentioned that in NOIDA etc plinth area is taken for calculations. From my understanding, plinth area will be greater than carpet area. Hence, there is some dichotomy that would arise and probably we will have to check up with the location before we are certain as to which is to be taken.
    Is FSI the only factor that is involved or is there any other such metric used to ensure that adequate open area is available in the project vis-a-vis the built up area?

    • carpetarea says:

      Yes Praveen up to the best of my knowledge Noida, Greater Noida, and YEIDA (Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authorities) use plinth area to calculate FSI. Yes plinth area will always be greater that carpet area. From my observations I can say that for projects in Noida carpet area is between 55%-70% of super built-up area. This means that if a builder says area of the flat is 1200 square feet one will get a “livable area” between 600-840 sq feet only!

      Smaller flats (like 1bhk) have more adverse ratio than bigger flats.

      I am not sure if FSI is the only metric for insuring sufficient open space. I feel there would be other conditions as well – like the builder has to ensure that there is x% of green space/ open space etc. But I have never checked on this. Do let me know if you know something.

      take care

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  11. Mannoj says:

    will there be an impact if I have a flat that is unapproved as per FSI but Bank had approved and given loan for its legal formalities.. will there be a problem in future when I sell it??

    • carpetarea says:

      hi manoj,

      The question you have asked is very technical one. I am not qualified to answer this. But let me put forward my opinion.

      You are saying the following
      1. Your flat does not follow FSI norms, which means the project FSI is higher than prescribed limit.
      2. Bank has approved your loan.
      3. Will there be a problem if you want to sell the flat?

      This question cannot be answered before understanding whether the bank has approved a property load for you and cleared the project to qualify for the loan. These are 2 different things. I am listing these 2 points again.

      1. Bank has approved a home loan for you – This means you are eligible to take home loan from the bank.
      2. Bank has approved a project. Bank approve project after due diligence.

      If the project is not approved bank will not give you the loan even if you are qualified for a loan. Please get this verified from the bank.

      Finally if the project is not meeting FSI requirements then how are you going to register the flat?

      I would suggest you to clarify these issues with the bank and builder.

      • Mannoj says:

        thanks a lot for your reply.. It is a clear explanation and the same was given by builder. ofcourse the bank have seen my records for the eligibility of loan and I checked with the builder reg the FSI he confirmed that the car parking space has been used to build another flat on top and it is all maintained as per the standards of FSI, I was communicated earlier by another flat owner that his loan was rejected to get my flat earlier due to FSI but he never checked reg this with the builder, so I now doubt him why did he say like that.. Its my first property I wanted to ensure allz well.. 🙂

        • carpetarea says:

          Manoj congratulations on buying your first home.

          • Mannoj says:

            Thanks a lot..!!! 🙂

      • Gaurav bajaj says:

        Hi want to know if the FSI is 1.2 and the plot area is 2000 sq ft so how many floors can be build .

        • . says:

          Depends how much space you have to leave in the front and the back. What are the dimensions of the plot?

  12. ANJANEE says:

    easy to know thanks

  13. Premlatha says:

    very clear. thanks

    • carpetarea says:

      thank u for your appreciation.

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