Jaypee Kosmos – Construction Update

The scene of construction at Jaypee Kosmos is not encouraging. Japee Kosmos is part of Jaypee Green Wish Towm located in sector 128 Noida. Corporate website of Jaypee (jaypeegreens.com) has images of the project sites. The images are latest as of 30 September 2010. (Click here to see the images on jaypeegreens.com). JP Kosmos construction status will pain all those who booked property here.

The images will worry people who have purchased flats in Jaypee Kosmos. Consider the following points.

  1. In many images there is apparent water logging. Many sites are flooded.
  2. The level of activity at the site seems dismal. Considering the images were taken on a working day (Saturday)
  3. There is at least one site where the actual construction has not started (see image titled Kosmos (KM)-79)
  4. Towers where the construction has started the only about 2-3 floors seem to have been completed.

Whether Jaypee will be able to deliver the project on time is a big question mark. Despite lagging in the initial offer of Kosmos, Jaypee has launched the second phase of the Kosmos project. The booking for the second phase is underway.

Jaypee Wish Town is a much publicized baby of the Jaypee Group. It is very important for this builder to deliver this project on time.


3 Responses to Jaypee Kosmos – Construction Update

  1. Vaibhav says:

    Hi All,

    These guys are cheet!!! Naam Bade aur darshan chote.

    I have bought a property in JP Kosmos in July 2009 & gave 40% payment from my side & then got it converted to subvention scheme.

    I visited my site in march 2012 & to my surprise only 5th floor is constructed in last 3 years, when i asked, when will it be completed it was told to me it will take another 2 yrs to get completed.

    They are cheet & no one should invest in the projects of Jaypee Group.

    • carpetarea says:

      Thanks for inputs. can u share more details?

    • carpetarea says:

      Someone I knew came all the way from Australia to invest in Jaypee Wish Town. And his objective was simple – Investment. I pity him now. Stuck in a project which is not going anywhere.

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